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Centre of Research Excellence in Pulmonary Fibrosis
Respiratory Medicine and Sleep Unit
Level 11, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
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Modules & Key Outcomes

Module 1: Learning

  • Develop generic technical, critical thinking and data interpretation skills that can be applied across the research domain.
  • Understand the ethical framework for research in Australia and understand the importance of ethics in research and research in ethics.

Topics include:

Research Design & Analytical Methods

  • Introduction to critical thinking, study design and experimental planning
  • Systematic reviews and meta-analysis
  • Introduction to applied biostatistics and data analysis

Tools of Research

  • Research design: Quantitative analysis, general overview
  • Basic biology: The ABC's of modern biological technologies


Module 2: Leading

  • Work effectively and efficiently within team environments;
  • Establish and effectively lead a research group;
  • Effectively mentor the next generation of translational scientists.

Topics include:

Leadership Development & Capacity Building

  • Setting up a research program
  • The role of the PI, as mentor and supervisor
  • Strategic planning and balance
  • Managing research finances

Management Vs Leadership

  • Precision leadership
  • Project management
  • The difference between management & leadership


Module 3: Communicating

  • Develop effective communication skills to engage with the scientific community, general public and policy makers;
  • Develop the necessary skills to improve competitiveness for grant funding, philanthropic opportunities and manuscript publishing.

Topics include:

Effective communication

  • Communicating your Research
  • Delivering a town-hall speech

Grant & Manuscript Writing

  • Writing a manuscript: planning, drafting and publishing
  • Writing grants: strategies for enhancing your chances of a successful outcome
  • Building a track record

Job Search, Interview & Negotiation

  • Writing a CV
  • Networking & positioning yourself for the job search
  • How to apply for a job
  • Interviewing & negotiating the job off