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This component of the CRE-PF is a clinical trials network in Australia, called the ‘Pulmonary Fibrosis Australasian Clinical Trials’ or PACT. It is led by Prof Daniel Chambers.

PACT conducts randomized, controlled clinical trials to evaluate existing or new medications, combinations of medications, and defined management strategies for patients with PF.

The vision of PACT is to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with pulmonary fibrosis and improve the quality of life for people living with pulmonary fibrosis, their carers and families in Australia through the facilitation and coordination of high quality clinical research.

Professor Dan Chambers talks about the PACT collaboration which includes the CRE-PF, leading PF specialists and Lung Foundation Australia here.

The specific objectives of PACT are:

  1. Support investigator-driven pulmonary fibrosis research through: peer review, facilitating collaboration; streamlining HREC/governance approval processes.
  2. Engage with consumers to improve access to current information and increase awareness about pulmonary fibrosis clinical research in Australasia.
  3. Support pharma-sponsored pulmonary fibrosis research though: advocating for pulmonary fibrosis research to be conducted in Australasia; assisting sponsors/CROs in identifying suitable sites
  4. Advocate for, and actively disseminate research outcomes/translate research into practice.

Determining the place of rehabilitation in PF care is an example of a clinical trial for PACT.  We are conducting a world-first randomised controlled trial of pulmonary rehabilitation to improve quality of life for those with pulmonary fibrosis in a project known as HIIT

For further information about PACT, please go to the PACT website or contact the PACT Coordinator at

PACT Grant-in-aid

The PACT Network has announced the second annual PACT Grant-in-Aid for Investigator-led Pulmonary Fibrosis Clinical Research. There is to be ONE (1) Grant-in-Aid opportunity valued at up to AUD30,000 to assist investigator led Pulmonary Fibrosis clinical research. Applications have now closed and are under review.

To find out more click here.