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Centre of Research Excellence in Pulmonary Fibrosis
Respiratory Medicine and Sleep Unit
Level 11, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
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Translation, EDucation & Support (TEDS)

The CRE-PFs translation and education program of work is overseen by the Translation, EDucation and Support (TEDS) sub-committee. The sub-committee members are:

  • A/Prof Nicole Goh (Chair)
  • Prof Tamera Corte (Treasurer)
  • Ms Fiona Connolly
  • Dr Alison Hey-Cunningham
  • Prof Anne Holland 
  • A/Prof Yet Khor
  • Ms Tara Rahmanian (Coordinator)
  • Mr Harry Patsamanis
  • Mr John Price
  • Dr Robert Sheehy
  • A/Prof Lissa Spencer
  • Dr Alan Teoh
  • Dr Gabriella Tikellis

The TEDS committee extends their thanks to former members Ms Joanna Lee, Ms Debra Sandford, Ms Jamie Maloney, Ms Susanne Webster, Mr Michael Bartlett, Dr Greg Keir, A/Prof Ian Glaspole, Ms Kelcie Herrmann, Ms Brigitta Rose, Ms Jennifer Walsh, Ms Sherille Sullivan and Ms Chantale Dorrington.