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Centre of Research Excellence in Pulmonary Fibrosis
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The CRE-PF is dedicated to building research capacity in the area of Pulmonary Fibrosis research, and CREATE (CRE-Advanced Training Environment) represents a unique opportunity for students and clinicians interested in pursuing research in this field. In particular, our focus is on providing high quality researcher development support to postgraduate research students and post-doctoral researchers.

You can download the CREATE Program Guide here.


CREATE Fellows

Some of our early CREATE Fellows and Alumni: Dr Alan Teoh, Dr Helen Jo, Dr David Waters, Dr Kaj Blokland, A/Prof Yet Khor and Dr Jade Jaffar.



Our vision is to attract and develop the next generation of outstanding Pulmonary Fibrosis researchers, readying them for independent careers and to become leaders in their own right. The CREATE program enhances Pulmonary Fibrosis research collaboration in Australia and internationally. 



The goals of CREATE are to produce the next generation of outstanding Pulmonary Fibrosis researchers by: 

  1. Attracting and retaining high quality early-mid career researchers to Pulmonary Fibrosis research and supporting accelerated career progression;
  2. Enhancing Pulmonary Fibrosis basic science and clinical and translational research training and building early-mid career researcher profiles; and
  3. Enabling and enhancing collaboration of Pulmonary Fibrosis early-mid career researchers inter/nationally.


Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

The CREATE program is overseen by the Program Advisory Committee (PAC). Current PAC members are:

  • Prof Paul Reynolds (Chair)
  • Dr Kate Christian
  • Prof Tamera Corte
  • Dr Ingrid Cox
  • Prof Joanne Dickinson
  • A/Prof Nicole Goh
  • Dr Alison Hey-Cunningham
  • A/Prof Cecilia Prêle
  • Dr Alan Teoh
  • A/Prof Lauren Troy

The CREATE PAC extends thanks to the inaugural Chair Prof Darryl Knight and former committee members Dr Jade Jaffar, Prof Alastair Stewart, A/Prof Yet Khor, Ms Jennifer Walsh, Ms Jane Read and Ms Amy Cashmore.



The CREATE program is open to postgraduate research students and post-doctoral researchers up to 10 years post-PhD undertaking research in pulmonary fibrosis, who can apply to become Fellows. Affiliates engaged in pulmonary fibrosis research in line with the objectives of the CRE-PF, collaborating with Australian researchers, but not eligible to be CREATE Fellows, are also welcome to apply to join CREATE. CREATE Affiliates may participate in the CREATE program but are not eligible for any CREATE funding opportunities.

If you are interested in becoming involved with CREATE as a Fellow or Affiliate, please contact Kate Christian for more information. You may apply to become a CREATE Fellow or a CREATE Affiliate using this application form.

We also invite you to view the profiles under "Our People" to find a mentor or read more about the current research and projects happening in our research streams.