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Australasian Pulmonary Fibrosis Virtual Research meetings are held monthly by ZoomEach meeting features one site and includes a presentation from a junior or emerging researcher from the group in conjunction with a senior member at the same site who can facilitate an overview of the group’s future plans. These presentations are designed to promote collaboration and discussion amongst Australasian researchers interested in pulmonary fibrosis.

Virtual research meeting presentations include:

    • Dr Alexandra Brown, University of Newcastle 'Iron metabolism: Role and potential for therapeutic manipulation in pulmonary fibrosis', 16 February 2024
    • Dr Mariana Hoffman Barbosa, Monash University 'Physical activity and home oximetry in ILD', 20 October 2023
    • Dr Monica Lu, University of Tasmania 'Mesenchymal transition in IPF and potential drivers', 29 September 2023
    • Ms Claudia Sim, Monash University 'Investigating the mechanisms driving silicosis using proteomic approaches to inform development of disease-relevant in vitro models', 21 July 2023
    • Dr Chris Brereton, Woolongong Hospital 'Collagen remodelling in pulmonary fibrosis - quality over quantity', 16 June 2023
    • Dr Paris Papagianis, Monash University 'Profiling silicosis disease in a Victorian cohort of engineered stone workers', 19 May 2023
    • Dr Laura Glenn, University of Sydney 'Novel diagnostic techniques in ILD', 21 April 2023
    • Mrs Giulia Iacono, Monash University 'Multiomics profiling of lung transplant recipients identifies molecular signatures linked to chronic lung allograft dysfunction', 17 February 2023
    • Dr Matthew Parker, University of Sydney 'CTD-ILD: Improving accuracy in diagnosis and prognosis', 21 October 2022
    • Dr Christina Begka, Monash University 'Multi-omic approaches towards unravelling the mechanisms underlying lung fibrosis', 9 September 2022
    • Ms Joanna Lee, Monash University 'Self-management for pulmonary fibrosis: what does it mean and how might it help?', 22 July 2022
    • Dr Jennifer Mann, Monash University 'Cough Measurement in ILD: Beginning with the patient experience in mind', 13 May 2022
    • Dr Gabriella Tikellis, Monash University 'The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the health care experiences of people with an interstitial lung disease', 18 March 2022
    • Dr Mathew Eapen, University of Tasmania 'Vascular remodelling in IPF patients and its detrimental effect on lung physiology: potential role of endothelial to mesenchymal transition (EndMT)', 25 February 2022
    • Dr Alan Teoh, University of Sydney 'The diagnostic and management landscape of IPF', 26 November 2021
    • Dr Kaj Blokland, University Medical Centre, Groningen, Netherlands 'The ECM as a driver of fibroblast senescence and disrupted epithelial repair in IPF', 22 October 2021
    • Dr Dino Tan, University of Western Australia 'Molecular mechanisms in IPF: From microRNA to epigenetics', 17 September 2021
    • Dr Louise Organ, Monash University 'The fibrotic epithelium in IPF', 16 July 2021
    • Dr Leona Dowman, Monash University 'Optimising rehabilitation for people with ILD', 25 June 2021
    • Dr Gang Liu and Dr Ashleigh Philp, University of Technology Sydney 'Experimental studies to understand pathogenesis and develop treatments for IPF', 21 May 2021
    • Tylah Miles, University of Western Australia 'The effect of DAMPs on fibroblast function and immune cell cross-talk in IPF', 19 March 2021
    • Dr Hayley Barnes, Alfred Health 'Novel tools in the diagnosis of hypersensitivity pneumonitis', 26 February 2021
    • Dr John Mackintosh, University of Queensland 'Endotyping fibrotic lung diseases - The next frontier', 20 November 2020
    • Dr Adelle Jee, University of Sydney 'Diagnosis of CTD-ILD: Old and new world', 16 October 2020
    • Dr Jade Jaffar and Dr Mae Wong, Alfred Lung Fibrosis Biobank and their collaborators CSL 'Creating a successful academic-industry collaboration', 11 September 2020
    • Dr Britt Clynick, University of Western Australia 'Extracellular vesicles in IPF: Bystanders or messengers', 14 August 2020
    • Dr Ingrid Cox, University of Tasmania 'Epidemiology of Pulmonary Fibrosis in Australia', 17 July 2020
    • Dr Yet Khor, Austin and Alfred Health 'Hypoxaemia and oxygen use in interstitial lung disease', June 2020

    For more information about the program and how to join the meetings, contact Kate Christian.


    CREATE Researcher Development Weekends

    The next CREATE researcher development weekend will be held in 2025. Stay tuned for details!

    The second residential professional development weekend for CREATE Fellows was held 10-12 November 2023 at Q Station, Sydney.

    The first residential professional development weekend for CREATE Fellows was held 4-6 November 2022 at Q Station, Sydney. 

    For more information about the weekend, contact Kate Christian.


    Attendees at the CREATE Researcher Development Weekend 2022.


    Additional in-person workshops are planned for 2024 and beyond. CREATE Fellows are encouraged to contact Kate Christian with any requests or suggestions for workshop content.